Driving Super Fast on a Public Road Stirs Up Some Controversy. Even in the 80′s…

There is a perpetual debate over the safety and responsibility of trans-continental road racing. Some people feel that driving at high speeds is downright dangerous and irresponsible, no matter the precautions taken, the skill of the drivers or the preparation undergone. The drivers of the illegal cross-country races have been called “blatantly anarchistic” and “downright disrespectful.” Socially, high speed driving is often seen as rude and juvenile, but here’s what a couple of Daily Pilot readers felt in 1981 about the races…

"The underground and rebellious nature of these cross-country dashes makes it hard to judge the responsibility level of the races, but, without weighing in too heavily, I, like most of the proponents of such races, do believe that it’s bad driving, not speed, that causes accidents."

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  • I’m the pround daughter of George Egloff,who raced in this race twice,on a motorcycle,because of me being daddy’s girl i’m just like him riding 18 wheels back and forth every wk to LA from Dallas,not quite as fast as my dad though,he still today never slows down and won’t submit to anything but his rights as an american to be free,with only one leg,he still is a repair man on bikes in a side car shop,lives here in fort worth,and talks of the good old days with his best friend Jay Nap,I proud to be his daughter,and glad I was raised by a man that if he wanted something he would go for it!It looks like a great movie I can’t wait…

  • I need to find Hope. Is there any way that you can forward her email to me. her dad was a riot. we grew up together. thanks

  • I never believed Dave Barry’s statement that the videotape of this event was “the single most wonderful thing in the history of the universe.” Now that I have seen it, I am compelled to agree with Mr. Barry’s statement.

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