A documentary film on the legacy of the U.S. Express – once known as the Cannonball Run – and the controversy shrouding the incredible secret behind the record time set on the last such illegal race nearly a quarter century ago.

October 15, 1983 - The end of an era. A legend is born.

The sun set as the extra fuel cells were topped off. Many feared this would be the last run. The best of the best, many Cannonball veterans, in total secrecy, ready to drive flat-out. New York to Los Angeles. Non-stop. On a race with one rule…there were no rules. These weren’t celebrities or millionaires speeding to a party. These true-life outlaws were deadly serious, their binoculars fixed on one goal:

Become the fastest humans to ever cross the continent.

By Car.

Now, after nearly 25 years, the Express racers reflect on their quest and raise some peculiar and hilarious questions: Are there gray areas in an illegal race without rules? What will you risk when you’ll stop at nothing to win? “32 Hours 7 Minutes” will hurl you across the continent at over 150mph, reveal why laws had to be broken so that one record could be set, and why it hasn’t been broken since.

Or has it?

32 Hours 7 Minutes is a feature-length documentary on the U.S. Express – the secretive outlaw race descended from the Cannonball Run - and the record set on its last run in 1983. Despite the winning team’s shocking 32:07 transcontinental record, the full story – their true story – disappeared into the fog of Cannonball mythology and Burt Reynolds jokes.

The U.S. Express and 32:07 record are the most important unheralded events in American racing history - their very names spoken in hushed tones among racing legends – and the underlying true story of speed, skill and tenacity demands a documentary feature.

Most people only know the term Cannonball Run from the fictional 1981 movie staring Burt Reynolds, and only a handful of car enthusiasts know that a real race ever took place. Where Cannonball Run was a slapstick comedy, 32 Hours 7 Minutes tells the truth, as told by the racers themselves...and their shocking footage.

This high-intensity, adrenaline-packed film will lead viewers from the 1983 start in New York to the finish line less than a day-and-a-half later, through the controversy and politics surrounding the 32:07 record itself, then back onto the road with the best of the current generation of outlaw drivers…to discover the truth about what can no longer be done, and what can…
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