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A documentary film on the legacy of the U.S. Express…

“The film does a brilliant job of capturing the thrill and pressure of the US Express races, as well as Alex Roy’s attempt a few years ago.”
- Sam Naylor

Once known as the Cannonball Run, this film also covers the controversy shrouding the incredible secret behind the record time set on the last such illegal race from NY to CA nearly a quarter century ago.

32 Hours 7 Minutes is a documentary film that takes its title from the US transcontinental speed record, set during the 1983 US Express (a secretive race from New York to California). A successor to the famous Cannonball races, drivers were essentially breaking the law nonstop, driving as fast as they could to cross the United States. The total distance, start to finish: 2,874 miles (4,625 km). Over 2 decades later, when suspicions arise about the legitimacy of that record, Director Cory Welles climbs into the backseat of Alex Roy’s infamous BMW M5 and races across the country, attempting to break 32 hours and 7 minutes to prove that it’s real.

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